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Acid stained concrete floors are beautiful, and the color lasts forever. Because it is not paint or a covering, it doesn't chip off the floor. This type of stain contains phosphoric acid or mild hydrochloric acid. It also contains an inorganic metal salt. The acids open the pores in the concrete, and then the salts react with the chemicals in the concrete to produce color.

Depending on the age and pores of the concrete, the salts are absorbed in varying degrees and produce different shades of color. The finish looks more like marble than a uniform painted finish, and no two floors ever come out the same. After the floor is cleaned and stained, it must be washed to clean up the residue left by the acid. Not only is there an array of color, but you can actually create a masterpiece on your floor with acid stains.

Interior Acid Stained Concrete

Acid Stain Concrete Floors - Take that nasty carpet or dirty linoleum out of the house and turn your concrete slab into a work of art. Acid Staining, Scoring, and Sealing your concrete slab is turning into the floor of choice. Not only is it healthier but it lasts forever and is very easy to clean unlike carpet. Acid stain concrete floors are very beautiful and no two floors will be identical. The earth tone colors mixed with artistic ability create a marbling old world design that will be a conversation starter at every sight.

Existing Floors – I would do all prep work needed to remove the old flooring. I would then apply an overlay to resurface the slab we are staining. After the overlay is complete we can score, stain and seal.

New Construction – I would do all prep work needed to get the new slab ready for scoring and staining. I can also score designs right before the framing starts so that the design would run under the walls. This prevents scoring a border in each room. I usually like staining right before the cabinets and trim are installed but I cannot seal the floor until the slab has cured 35 days from the day it was poured.

Exterior Acid Stained Concrete

Patio Overlay -If you are looking to turn your patio into a decorative work of art then the patio overlay or acid stain application is the way to go. A thin overlay is hand floated over your existing patio creating a brand new look. Adding decorative saw cuts or stencil patterns to your overlay will enhance the outcome of the project and there are many to choose from so finding the one that fits your style should not be too difficult.


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