About Dukes Creative Concrete

concrete-scoringDuke's Creative Concrete is company that specializes in turning your concrete slab into a decorative masterpiece. We use various products and techniques to achieve the look that the customer is requesting. The outcome of each project is a beautiful decorative floor or patio that will definitely grab the attention of anyone around.

If you are in the market to do some remodeling then consider adding acid stain floors to you living space. These floors are very durable and clean easy. It does not matter if you have an existing floor you want stained or have a new construction project in the future. The earth tone color’s will tie in with most earth tone wall colors making it easy to decorate.

Customer Testimonial

"We built our home in 2004 and after six years of high traffic with four kids, three cats and two dogs, we realized new carpet was just not a good option for us. We had considered concrete stain and saw the great work that Dukes had done. We met with Joseph and he was easy to work with and Dukes did the job quickly without any problems. Thanks to Dukes Creative Concrete we now have a beautiful floor that is wonderful to see everyday and easy to clean!"
Homeowner: Brian Harris



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